Meet Our Founder

 Shayla German




Hair Stylist, Beauty Educator, Microlink Master, Mentor Coach and all around Beautyprenuer, Shayla German is the founder of Elysian Beauti Brand. A hair care line created to help multiple hair textures across the globe.


A Pontiac, Michigan native, Shayla German has been creating healthy flawless hair color creations, styling and maintaining hair on a multitude of textures since 2006. For as long as Shayla German could remember she has had an affinity for all things hair. It’s something that has always come easy to her so she took her passion and ran straight into the beauty industry. As a licensed cosmetologist, Redken Color Certified and Design Certified to name a few Shayla has established quite a loyal cliental following. 


Her goal is to enrich lives and empower others. With a mission to create a company that provides jobs and empowers teens, single mothers and women facing poverty to become business owners toward creating generational wealth. Shayla has also managed salon professionals and has taken the beauty community by storm with education. She consistently provided support and tools to women struggling with personal and business finances, and was able to help them overcome anxiety, debt, and financial fear. 


Shayla traveled across the country teaching beauty professionals her gifts with the fundamentals and newest trends in hair color, hair cutting, hairstyling, extensions and texture management. Tired of spending money on so many different hair products that was full of harmful and toxic ingredients, Shayla created Elysian Beauti Brand, a black woman owned minority haircare business with products that are specifically formulated for all hair types and textures. 


These products are free of sulfates, parabens, PEGs, dyes, artificial fragrance, and mineral oils. Shayla strived to find something that was not only a care for hair, but also the environment we live in. Shayla's favorite is keeping hair healthy and creating a welcoming experience for natural textured hair. 


When Shayla is out of the salon she enjoys spending time with family, traveling, swimming, reading, yoga and cycling. What Shayla knows to be true, is as long as you can place your hand on your heart and feel a heart beat that is called purpose. As long as you can breathe, this should give you enough motivation to continue to keep moving forward in all that your hearts desires and never give up.


Elysian Beauti Brand is for Everybody! Which is why we're committed to creating haircare products that cater to every hair texture in celebration of Multicultural Beauty.The products are specifically formulated for all hair types and textures. These are products that are free of sulfates, parabens, PEGs, dyes, artificial fragrance, and mineral oils. Everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful without stress. Here to fulfill the beauty needs of texture communities. Theses products are safe not only for our hair and scalp but also our environment. Elysian Beauti Brand, is a divinely inspired place of beauty and creativity. Using our products you’ll have a state of peace knowing they are uniquely made for you. Nourishment in every bottle.